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most blog articles will fall anywhere from 300 - 800 words, depending on the subject matter and style of the piece. Photos or any visual accompaniments are a bonus! (just be sure you can verify the source and give credit where credit is due). once a draft is completed, you will upload it to a google docs in our system, and it will be reviewed for any edits and then published according to our calendar.

  1. Mental health topics: personal accounts/experiences having to do with depression, anxiety, OCD, trauma, living with someone with mental illness, types of therapies (did they work? did they suck?), types of medications & your experiences with them, online shopping addictions, adverse effects of social media, trichotillomania, dermatillomania, bipolar, schizophrenia, personality disorders, etc.

  2. Book and Movie Reviews: shortish blurb reviews about books, movies, or TV shows that can somehow tie back into the overall theme of Awkward Mermaid (these can be abstract or literal)

  3. Mermaid Myths & Folklore: we want to learn all we can about our lovely mascots! This is for anyone who is a history or research nerd.

  4. Witchy Stuff: spells, witchy trends, witchy fashion, notable witchy people, advice, tarot cards, crystals, psychics, seances, personal accounts of the supernatural…

  5. Women in History: also for the history buff, this will consist of short write-ups about women in history who suffered (or probably suffered) from mental illness (think: profiles on Zelda Fitzgerald, Joan of Arc, Marilyn Monroe…)

  6. Self-Care: personal experiences or think pieces about your experiences with self-care, feelings about it, relevant research, listicles

  7. Writing: personal accounts about being a writer or relevant news/trends in the writing world, writer’s block, favorite time to write, listicles, etc.

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