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☽★✦founding editor✦★☽

mary b. sellers is a mermaid who likes glitter. originally from jackson, ms, sellers is a recent graduate of louisiana state university's creative writing mfa program. while there, she worked on her frankenstein of a thesis, a hybrid novel, rapunzel has insomnia, which is part story collection, part fairy tale vignette, and part personal memoir, dealing with themes of mental illness and inheritance, the complexity of mother-daughter relationships, and childhood trauma. 

✪ In her downtime, she likes drinking wine and eating tacos.

✪ Her stories and essays have been featured or are forthcoming in publications such as: Third Point Press, Moonchild Magazine, Sidereal Magazine, Crab Fat Magazine, The MFA Years, Permafrost Mag, Literary OrphansQueen Mob’s TeahouseNew Delta Review, and Moon Sick Magazine.