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awkward mermaid is an online safe place for writers regarding mental illness. Think of us as a place where magic and mental illness can coexist. Brand new millennial and mental health online literary magazine accepting fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and art.


Awkward Mermaid's Inaugural Post is about, well, Mermaids

We love mermaids, so why not make a blog series featuring our favorite mermaid stuff? Duh. Below you'll find PART ONE of our "MERMAID MUSTS" posts. Enjoy! And comment below if you have any of your own favorite fishy findings. 

  1. MODCLOTH Unprecedented Panache Midi Dress in Mermaids: found here

  2. FIZZ CREATIONS Mermaid Mood Lamp: found here

  3. ASOS Mermaid Clamshell Hand Cream: found here

  4. GIFT REPUBLIC Holographic Mermaid Beer Bottle Opener: found here