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DIY MERMAID HAIR CLIP, By: Carolyn Emogene Brown

You will need:

●      A crafting starfish

●      Acrylic paint (Ex: metallic acrylic paint by Craft Smart in “pearl.”)

●      Paintbrushes

●      Iridescent glitter paint (Ex: glitter paint by Craft Smart in “crystal.”)

●      E6000 glue

●      Scissors

●      Toothpicks

●      Swarovski crystals

●      Tweezers

●      Faux pearls

●      Hot glue sticks

●      A hot glue gun

●      A small metal alligator clip

●      Felt


  1. Paint at least three layers of acrylic paint onto your starfish. It’s good to work in thin layers and to give each layer some time to dry.

  2. After the base coats are dry, paint on at least three layers of glitter paint. Craft Smart glitter paint will dry clear and leave sparkle.

  3. After the glitter paint is dry, open your E6000 glue bottle with scissors. Grab tiny  dollops of glue with a toothpick and place them onto your starfish. Use a pair of tweezers to set the Swarovski crystals onto the small dots of glue. (Don’t touch the starfish for at least ten minutes so that the glue can form a bond. It takes at least twenty-four hours for the glue to cure. You should be okay to keep working if you leave the starfish alone for an hour.)

  4. Place faux pearls on your starfish with dollops of hot glue.

  5. Cut out a small piece of felt and use it to cover the backing of a metal alligator clip. Use a generous amount of hot glue to set them in place.

  6. There you have it! Now you can be the envy of all.

IMG_8248 (1).JPG

Carolyn Emogene Brown runs Iris Daughter Cosplay and she is a princess performer.